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Blackseed Infusion Honey is an all-natural, high quality superfood blend aimed at improving digestion & sleep, effective boosting of the immune system, reducing liver toxicity & obesity risks,reducing joint pain and inflammation among other super benefits.

It consists of five (5) organic ingredients.

We created Blackseed Infusion Honey because we believe that age & injury does not determine the quality of your life,a healthy & well planned lifestyle does! And we believe this superfood-infused concoction does play an important part in achieving longevity.

As someone living in the 21st century,

you'll agree that a host of immune & circulatory system-related health problems start affecting you as you grow older. So, enhance your life by including Blackseed Infusion Honey, a high-quality nutritional & organic blend containing super ingredients at a very affordable price, into your daily lifestyle to experience a new zest in life!

MPX - Blackseed Infusion Honey

  • 1 Box = 20 Sachets X 15 Gram

  • Children above 10, 1 sachet after meal

    Adults, 2 sachets after meal

    Kanak-kanak umur 10 dan atas, 1 sachet selepas makan

    Dewasa, 2 sachet selepas makan

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